Ages 8-12 Thrills!

In this action-adventure fantasy, Sam and Lorna's bike challenge becomes far more than a neighborhood race. When Ally knocks on Lorna Wilson's door, she begins to find a way to fit into her new neighborhood. Splashing in the pool at Ally's house, Lorna learns about the bike challenge created by a scar-faced neighborhood legend, Samuel Black. She hears herself boasting that she can take on Sam Black in his own race and win. Lorna's words quickly come back to bite her. Although none of the kids will root for the new girl, an ancient cairn opens to the Land of Twilight giving Lorna an opportunity to win anything her heart desires. This is great literature for kids. A "must have" full series! Illustrations are by award-winning artist, Brianna Osaseri.

  • "FIVE stars! Divorce straight up hurts. In this book, young Lorna is trying to work through her parent's divorce. 6th grade is more than enough to do most of us in, but something happens. Lorna winds up going into a land called Twilight. I found that while this book doesn't have scripture in it it's still based on Christian principles and it makes it easier to pass it to tweens who might not be in a church. This book opens doors for plenty of conversations, on divorce, disabilities, and many other issues." ~ Vine Voice
  • "Bought this for my 10-year-old. She is an avid reader. She loves pretty much all books but really enjoys fantasy. This is a pretty easy read for her. She finished in 2 days and really enjoyed it! Book two and three, coming next!" ~ M. Hurst
  • "What a great find for my fifth-graders! My kids used to love riding bikes at sunset around the neighborhood. Don't all kids? Maybe it is that feeling that something special could happen in the twilight. I just love this imaginative story, and the salvation of friendship. " ~ G-ma Larkins
  • "I would recommend this to anyone ages 9 and above. It's a page turner and twist and has a great meaning in the end. I found this to be a great story with details of imagination. This book leads into book 2, (note Book 2 leaves you hanging and you will want to read Book 3 immediately) Buy all 3 together because this book is addicting and you don't want it to end, and when it does end you want to know what will happen..... great series." ~ Debs

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