Princess Lillian and Grandpas Goodbye

You won't quickly forget this touching story. What a splendid art book for children, a way to help them view the portal of a grandparent's death as reuniting with their best friend.

  • "What a story. This imaginative book is beyond excellent! I love everything about it. " ~ Sue Summers, Ret. Special Librarian, Jeff-co
  • "I'll be buying many more copies of this one for the children I work with." ~ A Grief Counselor
  • "It's so powerful, I cried. I personally loved the Navajo images used throughout this story. The audio version really made me cry. " ~ Barking Lark
  • "I absolutely love this book and am so thankful that our Great King put this story in Jenny Fulton’s heart to share. She and illustrator Indra Grace Hunter render a child’s perspective of a new and unnerving experience with truth and imagery to soothe and encourage our souls. She clearly explains that death is not the end and that those who travel with the Great King while here on earth have much to hope for after death, and she helps us learn how to travel with the Great King." ~ kebauslaugh wordpress princess-lillian

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