In the Tradition of Shel Silverstein & Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Meggi Beth carries a heavy story strapped to her shoulders. In the style of Shel Silverstein and Mister Roger's Neighborhood, young Meggi Beth's experience is drawn with a brilliant marriage of words and artistry. She encounters several passersby whom she tries to engage with her story. Everyone seems either too busy or too weighed down by their own stories to spend any time with Meggi Beth. Guess who comes along to listen with big furry ears and a nuzzling nose? Adorable and full of whimsy, this book is artistically designed by award winning artist, Brianna Osaseri.

  • "Kathy Joy's greatest talent lies in her ability to evoke the moment where grief is transported to joy. She's done it again, and this time for the littles. You don't want to miss this." ~ Books For Bonding Hearts
  • "This book reaches deep into the soul of every human being. No one can escape needing someone to "carry their story" at at least one point in his or her life. This is a children's book that will be meaningful to every age group. It is right up there with Max Lucado's You Are Special " ~ Verified Purchaser
  • "As a group counselor and former play therapist with an M.A. in Counseling, I would highly recommend this book to parents and child therapists, especially in working with grief and loss. What a wonderful way to encourage a child to share their difficult story. " ~ Charmayne Hafen, M.A.

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