Adventures Await Simon the Zealot!

Who doesn't love the classic legends, myths and fables like Ben Hur, The Silver Chalice, Two from Galilee, The Robe and The Passion of Christ? Here, you'll find the brightness of another viewpoint drawn from the epic beginnings of the Christian faith.

  • "Comradery goes awry between two restless, young men living in the political angst of Roman rule over Judea. Haunting... Sophisticated writing for a debut author!" ~ Books For Bonding Hearts
  • "G.K. Johnson recreates the remarkable story of Christ's Passion from the first century Judean landscape of Roman rule, vicious crucifixions, and the diminishing returns of roaming Zealots, where the appearance of one man's reason takes prisoners by storm." ~ Karl Wheeler, Youth for Christ, D.A.R.E.
  • "I started reading The Zealots over school break - I’ve found it very readable and I appreciate the descriptive language, history and culture that’s woven in. I will definitely be recommending this novel to my classroom of teen boys!" ~ Sam Duke, teacher, engineer

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